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Web design meets your purpose, like water the sea …

Let`s explore your purpose

I am passioned about helping you in making your light shine and in bringing your message ONLINE into the OFFLINE world through a creative webdesign, based on what inspires you and the gift that you are to this world. Together, let`s explore and discover, what inspires you and what your purpose is. Let`s figure out, how we can channel your passion into the products and services, which you want to bring to this world. Let me accompany you on this way in creating an online showcase for what your heart is beating.

There simply is nothing bigger, than living your purpose and passion through your own creativity.

Everything starts with one question:

“What do you want to accomplish?”

Some of my work



Harmoony.de is owned by Selma Coskun and she has a passion for wedding rings. She heartfully works with people on finding the right ring for the big day. (Created with WordPress)


Memoland is owned by Farida Tlili in Berlin and her passion is to help children as well as their parents to learn with ease. It`s all about a journey through the world of magic. (Created with WordPress)

Press About Me

Pressabout.me was created to offer people a very simple way for blogging about their own passion and what inspires them, using the wordpress content management system. (Created with WordPress)

A Mindful Earth

A mindful earth starts with… You, the fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, managers, leaders, office workers, travelers, prisoners, workers, pensioners, the sick or the healthy. (Created with WordPress)

Inspired and ready to use your gift?

wonderful, so let`s create!


Let`s find out more

1. Let`s have a conversation, using Skype or Telefon and see, what inspires you. Let`s see, what you want and how we can fullfil your wishes. Do you need help with webhosting or the registration of your domain? No problem, I can help you and take as much uncertainty away as possible.

How would it work?

2. I will be creating your websites with the most popular and state of the art content management system of WordPress. So no matter what your project is about, we will be able to accomodate quite nicely. All your sites will be mobile-ready and beautifully displayed on any device. 


I am here for you

3. While we create your online showcase, I will be able to support you concerning content and design. It`s all about taking your project from the inspirational space to the creation. So, I am here for you!

Let your pictures do the talking

4. I am passioned about fotografie. So, should you be in need for some good foto material, I can help. I can come to you and we do a photo session at your suroundings, with your products, what ever is needed to create some unique content for your website, which is impacting the visitor of your page. Pictures are wonderful to use to connect with others, as they speak directly to our emotional center.

…Below, take a look at some of my own work, which I would be happy to provide you with, to make your website shine.


About me

Hi, my name is Sven Kaven. I have a passion to helping people discovering their potential, simply by looking into exactly what inspires them and what they want to bring to this world. We all carry this particular spark in us, which we want to bring to light up, what ever we touch. We can recognise it by listening to the heart and letting it explore the perhaps unknown, the miracles of life, we have been staying away from for so long.

The good news is, there is no need to wait for particular circumstances. No, you can start right away.

I love connecting with people and so also connect with you, to co-create and letting you shine, when you showcase your passion through a webpage inspired by yourself and the work we do.

Appart from loving to create beautiful web sites, I also love fotografie, in particular - emotional portrait fotografie, as you may have seen on the homepage already. I am an avid hiker / walker and explorer of the world and humankind.

Call me !

 +49 (0) 160 7525 282